HTTPS/SSL Certificates

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS is the security system you often see when shopping online – You will often see a padlock icon next to the address bar in your browser. HTTPS is also sometimes referred to as SSL or “having an SSL Certificate”.


A system called HTTP is used to create the connection between you and the website. In it’s standard form (HTTP) this process is insecure i.e. not encrypted. HTTPS is the secure/encrypted version of this connection.

What are the benefits of HTTPS?

  1. Security – All data sent and received by your website is encrypted; no one can tap into that connection to read the data.
  2. Customer assurance – Customers will see the padlock next to your web address in their browser and know that their data is secure.
  3. SEO – Google has begun ranking websites running over HTTPS higher than websites running HTTP only.
  4. Web browsers – Google Chrome is now showing web sites not running over HTTPS as “Insecure” next to the address bar.