GDPR audit for your website


GDPR is broad in its scope and as such, covers any data about any EU citizen. Since there is no foolproof way of preventing EU citizens from accessing your website (in most cases, nor would you want to!) you are therefore bound by GDPR. What this means is that you will need to put in place new data retention/management systems for these users. As you’re doing this for them, it’s actually easier to just do it for everyone. Ultimately, GDPR is a good thing as it is forcing us all to do a better job of managing data and helping to protect the privacy of us all as consumers.

I can help you wade through this red tape nightmare. This audit will review your WordPress website and implement basic changes needed to make you compliant. This audit covers the following:

  1. Full Site Report for GDPR Compliance
  2. Plugin Audit for GDPR Compliance
  3. Determine and Report Data Being Stored
  4. Detail Who Has Access to Site Data
  5. Removal of Unjustifiable Information
  6. Review Site Security and Backup Plan
  7. Ensure Website Form(s) Compliance
  8. Create GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy
  9. Create GDPR Consent Notice if Needed
  10. Create GDPR Compliant Cookie Notice

Please note: Not all websites are built the same and the audit may reveal issues outside of the above which need to be addressed. In such cases the issues would be reported to you along with a quote for any additional work required.

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